Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of one era...start of another!

As we get closer to our grand departure on June 4th...Many people (okay, EVERYONE) wants to  know..."Why are you doing this?" "Why Bali?" Why would you want to walk away from a good job, your friends and family? Everything that you have worked so hard to obtain...is already here in Seattle. I can't speak for Estelle - but I can tell you that our motives aren't much different (I think...) but for me it boiled down to a few things. 

  • If Not Now, When? I saw this quote some where and promptly wrote it on my huge white board in my room to remind myself of the power of NOW!
  • Why Not? Seriously. Great weather, low cost of living, $7 massages...perfect.
  • YOLO. Truly great song...and its also our official theme song.  (Just in case you need to be caught up) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYDKK95cpfM
  • It's What I Have Wanted To Do For Over 5 Years Now.... For a long time now, I have felt this urge to take a "time out" from life and travel the world...I was originally planning on doing this in South America but then the universe redirected me to Bali and South East Asia, which makes more sense anyways. Thanks universe!
There are many more reasons why but I will save that for another time. The truth is that this is going to be a truly EPIC adventure and I can't wait for it. At the same time, it is not easy to leave all of your loved ones (family and friends) in pursuit of those adventures. SO...that is why it was important for us to create a blog and share our adventures with you and we hope that you actively engage back with us on this blog. So don't hesitate to write your witty remarks, jokes, whatever...the more the merrier!


P.S. Enjoy this poem that my awesome step dad wrote.



  1. Such a great poem! Pat did a great job!

  2. We loved the poem Natalie! Hilarious but heartfelt at the same time :) Come visit us in Bali too! xx E