Monday, September 23, 2013

A Wedding Reunion

What is the best part of living in Bali? It happens to be a destination that couples flock to when deciding to tie the knot! So instead of having to fly to paradise to attend a wedding - the wedding came to me! Yay!

This was a very unique circumstance because it was a high-school friend who was getting hitched. This meant that I was able to meet with friends I hadn't seen in years! This was also the perfect time for Kurt to meet many of the friends I grew up with in Jakarta. Bachelor and bachelorette festivities, traditional ceremonies and the big day blurred into one weekend. I have known almost all of the girls in the photo below for over 13 years. The friendships that you share with those that you grew up with are really special. These are the people that witnessed your many awkward teenage moments: braces, baby-fat, horrid fashion, hair-coloring-gone-wrong and everything else that comes with growing pains. They truly love you for you because they've seen it all. What I enjoy the most about these friendships is that it doesn't matter how much time passes -you pick up as if you saw each other last week.

If the bride gets home in one piece - I'd say it was a successful night! Amen!


I remember as a kid I would despise attending any traditional ceremonies. It was always hot and there were always chubby, old aunties who pinched my cheeks and smothered me in their breasts. I am really glad that Deyta had a traditional wedding - and more so that I decided to attend it. There is a special part of the Javanese ceremony that the bride's father and the groom make a special agreement. They agree that that the groom will take full responsibility of his daughter from that day forward. It is an emotional and beautiful tradition and i feel very blessed to have been there to witness it.

(Qonita, Christina, Donna, Della, Nikita, Krystabel & Me)
The venue was a a fairy-tale. The stars and the Christmas lights blended into the night. The wedding was held at an art-deco villa that boasts hundreds of artifacts from around the globe. Infinity pools on rooftops, floating beds, the view of the ocean and an endless garden that reminded me of an enchanted forest. A buffet that could could feed you for days, slushy margaritas, lobster (that i couldn't enjoy because of my allergies but i heard was AMAZING) and a mountain of desserts!

(Kurt, Me, Yvonne & Dan)

In the midst of all the crazy-ness of all of these festivities, Kurt also had his college buddy in town for 3 weeks! This was really special because we were able to combine both of our worlds and experience Bali with friends from all over the world. This was Dan's first trip overseas (outside of the U.S, Mexico & Canada) and he shared with us that it has opened up his eyes to so much. What a treat to have him come see where we live!



It was fun to have Kurt dress up in traditional batik and to have him spend some time with my close friends. It was really great that he was able to get to know everyone a few days before the wedding! Kurt and Dan participated in the bachelor party for the groom and many beach days with the bridal party before the big day. Living in Bali, we know that this is mostly a vacation destination for most. This is great because we get to see so many people, but also sad because they all leave. C'est la vie!

Off to Jakarta for another special wedding reception! Will write again soon!



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