Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Connected In Bali

Its been hard, okay it has been excruciatingly painful at times to not have internet here at home -- I’ll admit it! 

The idea of coming to Bali and being “unplugged” from the the constant flow of information (the internet at my fingertips) sounded fantastic! Connecting with real people and having real conversations void of my iPhone - a true minimalist at heart, right? Wrong. We all know how addicting it can be. I am probably one of the guiltiest when it comes to my daily addiction of the Huffington Post. For others, YouTube videos, Facebook, reddit.... the list can literally go on forever.

At first it was actually quite liberating; it was nice to not be overwhelmed with information 24x7 and I found that when I would need “internet” for work or research I would go down to the local café and I was more efficient at getting what I needed done because I knew I had a limited time frame.

However, what Estelle and I both realized is that the sexiness of being unplugged did not overcome the practicalities of having internet at our house. If living in Bali was truly just a year off (which would call for just traveling and beach bumming around Southeast Asia) we would had been fine with the occasional café trip for our wifi fix.

But that’s not why we are here… Because after 4 months here (YES, it has been that loonnnggg!) we realized that perhaps there is no other time in our lives that we will have this unique opportunity to work on WHAT WE WANT TO. This meaning spending our time on those projects that WE WANT.  As you can probably imagine, over those 4 months we must have come up with a few hundred business ideas…seriously. Uniquely we are in a position to actually take action on many of these ideas and in order to research and develop these we decided the internet is a must. Furthermore, I can't tell you how many Skype or Facetime conversations were cut short with friends and family due to internet connectivity challenges. So having a reliable connection in the privacy of your own home, to speak as long as we want with our friends and family alone is well worth it!
Oh, and we can’t forget the benefit of being able to watch YouTube… for all of the “how to videos” and of course those full episodes of my favorite show "Ancient Aliens"! Haha! (Estelle is not as amused as I!)

Getting Internet in Bali

So, finally we got wifi! Unlike back home where there is really only 1 major company, here in Bali there are 10 or more! And as hard as it was to find houses to rent, it was just as hard, or possibly harder, to find internet providers. Nothing is as simple as "looking it up online" in a third world country. So after contacting all of the companies by phone and getting quotes from 4 major companies (the other companies either didn't respond back or didn't serve my area) we chose the company Neuviz.


Internet Options

I actually got my reps number from my gym since they themselves had just installed wifi at their establishment. They also happened to offer the best connectivity and pricing. What I discovered here is that there are two options for getting internet. 

  1. Wifi: Where you literally get a big dish that they attached to your house, and/or they install an antenna pole on your house which as you can imagine is quite expensive. In addition to the cost, it is the least fast of internet solutions but is the most affordable as far as monthly fees go.
  2. Fiber Optic: Fiber optic is much faster and more reliable unless of course the line goes out - which I am told can happen occasionally. In addition to the speed, since it is literally a cable that they connect to your home, the installation is very reasonable. However, it is much more expensive as far as the monthly charges go. 


I chose the Fiber Optic option and was able to negotiate with my rep for a discount on the installation and within a week they were here and were able to get us online. Exciting! 

So after being connected for just over a week, we have had a lot of FaceTime chats and must have watched over 400 YouTube clips of X-Factor (USA, UK, and Australia)! Haha

But both Estelle and I have made serious inroads on our business projects too - so its been well worth the investment of about $100 USD per month (which is a small fortune here in Bali)! Now there are no excuses for us to not be millionaires by the time we come back home ;)

Okay, gotta run!


  1. It's only been four months? Seems like a lot longer! Welcome back to the virtual world. Honestly, i've been feeling the complete opposite - waaay too connected. - Ben

  2. Mr Ben! Thanks for your comment! First tip to detox...remove those social media apps on your smart phone and then use a program on your desktop to limit access to Facebook or any other site that you may be perusing to often ;)
    Can't wait to see you when I get back to Sea Town!